Build Your Own YDFA Kit

A You Don’t Fight Alone kit is a toolkit that can be pulled out in times of distress, with items that can be used for distraction, mindfulness, and self-care.

Here is a sample kit:

Adult Coloring Book

A mindful meditation tool

Large pack colored pencils

To be used for the mindful practice of coloring


An item for scent and visual grounding

Worry Stone

A hard stone that allows you to focus anxious energy


A hands-on mindful distraction requiring focus

Starbucks gift card

A pre-purchased item to get you out of the house


A small self-care item as a reminder to take care of your body

Squishable Item

A ball or small toy that has different sensations to be used for grounding

Deck of cards

Play games by yourself or invite a friend for cards

Nice box

To store the kit